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Measuring just 40 x 40 x 12mm, this little beetle lock can be installed in almost any drawer and door. Both internal and external doors can be centrally controlled using a switch or by means of RFID access control.

Intelligent central locking device
The control unit detects when the ignition is turned on and locks all internal and external locks.

By pressing a switch you can easily unlock the internal locks for 5 seconds (in order to get a drink, for example). The locks subsequently re-lock automatically.

On arrival at a campsite or harbour, you can permanently unlock the internal locks using the same switch. These will re-lock only when the switch is pressed again or the ignition is turned on.

RFID Access Control
A reading unit that is fixed behind glass or plastic controls the locking of all external locks. If an authorised chip or card is held against the reader, all external locks will unlock either for a few seconds or until the chip/card is used again.


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